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 The International Museum of the Horse is home to a large and impressive collection of trophies and other horse memorabilia. 


The hardware won by Calumet's horses prior to 1982 is by far the most extensive in the history of racing in America. It contains 524 trophies; 270 silver, 138 gold, one ceramic, and seven crystal trophies, as well as 105 silver and three gold julep cups. The trophies' significance to racing notwithstanding, the exquisite workmanship shown over four centuries by American and European artisans distinguishes this as one of the finest exhibitions of its type in the world. Jewelry designers such as Shreve & Co., Tiffany & Co., Gorham and Cartier have all put their stamp on trophies in this collection. This collection is proof that racing trophies are not just records of accomplishment but also beautiful works of art. Calumet's horses recorded a phenomenal 2,401 victories (508 stakes), 1,689 seconds (326 stakes), and 1,509 thirds (246 stakes) and had total earnings of $26,410,941.06. Twelve times Calumet led the list of Leading Money-Winning Owners. Calumet captured two Triple Crowns, eight Kentucky Derbies and seven Preakness victories.


When the Arabian Horse Trust closed the doors of their Denver headquarters in 2007, the decision was made to donate all art, artifacts, archival and library material to the IMH. This consisted of 36 paintings, 34 lithographs, 17 sculptures, 17 saddles, 22 Bedouin and Near Eastern saddles, various Bedouin ethnographic items, approximately 1400 photographs, videos and films, all Arabian horse registration files, memorabilia and correspondence with prominent American Arabian horse breeders and owners, and a 1250 volume library.